I never would have guessed i’d see you stoop so low

I should have known that i was losing from the get go

If everything had gone according to plan

None of us would ever have to work again

I was an honest man i never took a thing in life

Sometimes the blues will introduce you to a life of crime

Here in the box it is my personal hell

Crime pays but it don’t pay too well

And I wanted to tell you that everythings perfectly fine...but that’s a lie.

In fourty seconds we were in and out and the deed was done

If no one tries to be a hero they won’t see my gun

Ladies and gentlemen we just mean business

So all you citizens don’t pay attention

Then at the top of my lungs i said get on the floor

And fired a couple warning shots into the door

But when i got inside, the vault was empty

Except for a note that said “god forgive me”.

And an honest man has nothing to fear,

So i’m tryin my best not to look so scared.

I got a spoon i’ll dig my way soon clean outta here...

Outta here.